new double glazed sashes

New Double Glazed Sashes

Our most popular service is to manufacture new timber sashes to fit into both vertical sliding sash windows and casement windows. This includes within conservation areas and to some listed buildings*

In most cases it is cost effective to take this approach and carry out any minor repairs to the main frame. You will gain all of the benefits of a new window at a fraction of the cost whilst also saving time and money from the redecoration or making good costs associated with installing a new window.
The details, such as horn shape are copied onto the new sashes and depending on your choice of glass the internal mouldings will be the same also.
Your existing frame will be inspected and where necessary repaired and new draught proofing and ironmongery will also be installed.

*We have had good success meeting the strict requirements for working on listed buildings. If employed to do the work for you we can use our experience to help with the application for consent, however each building is taken on its own merit, the reasons it was listed and the historical value of the windows in situ. We cannot guarantee permission will be granted!

Please see our ‘new timber windows’ section for a description of the types of glass and timber we use.

Gallery of Our Double Glazed Sash Windows