georgian sash window restoration
georgian sash window restoration

Georgian Sash Window Restoration

Georgian windows were made to last! They were often made from Pitch Pine which was a high quality timber and very durable. We often work on this type of timber window and find that it can be repaired with minimal fuss.

We can restore these window as per below or we can use the frame to carry new double glazed sashes.

Below is a brief example of what is involved in a sash window overhaul:

  • Staff bead is scored and removed, followed by the parting bead and the sashes
  • Existing weights are removed and sash cords disposed of
  • The frame is inspected for rot and/or damage and repaired accordingly; this is either by removing the rotten area and professionally filling or, where needed, splicing new sections of same species timber in.
  • Both sashes are repaired as per the frame.
  • All loose joints are cleaned and repaired.
  • Loose putty is removed and fresh putty is pointed in, sound putty is not removed.
  • Glass is cleaned and where possible over-painting is cleaned back to the putty line.
  • The internals of the weight boxes are cleaned to ensure the new cords remain clean.
  • Pulley wheels are serviced.
  • The meeting rails are altered slightly and discreetly to accommodate the draught proof system.
  • New staff and parting beads are fitted with the draught proof system.
  • Sashes are re-hung and beading pinned in to place. New ironmongery is installed. Brass is our standard finish; if a different finish is required please inform us prior to the work being carried out. If your original ironmongery is in a sound condition we will leave it on at your request.
  • Smooth operation of the window is then achieved and all seals checked

All new timbers are preserved before installation; we do not use plastic beading. New panes of glass and splice work are always specified in your quotation if we have allowed for them. It is fair to say that due to the nature of the works, it is not always possible to allow for all repairs until the above inspection has taken place. Should there be any additional repair work required we will notify you prior to any works being carried out.

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